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Female Contraception Demonstrator - LINDI Pelvic Model
The LINDI Pelvic Female Contraception Demonstrator is the best display model available. It has a clear, plastic cut-a-way to shows female anatomy and physiology.
Bodies, Birth & Babies
A manual focused on Sexuality Education for early childhood programs. Designed to assist staff provide intellectual, emotional and physical growth of children in their care. Will also help staff deal with sexual issues in ways that promote age-appropriate learning in this vital area of development.
Healthy Foundations: The Teacher's Book
The Teacher's Book. Responding to young children's questions and behaviors regarding sex. Sexual learning is essential in early childhood programs. Preschool teachers, in cooperation of age-appropriate knowledge, skill and attitudes. This book will help develop a positive approach to children's sexual learning. (1 each)
Healthy Foundations: Developing Policies
Developing Positive Policies and Programs regarding, young children's learning about sexuality. Sexual learning is inevitable in early childhood. Young children are alive with curiosity about how their bodies work, why boys and girls are different and how babies are born and grow. This book provides a nurturing foundation and sets guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable behavior. (1 each)
New Methods for Puberty Education
30 lessons for grades 4 through 9 to increase young people's: Knowledge about the human body, communications skills about the human body, self esteem, understanding of sex differences and similarities.
Positive Images, 3rd Edition
Teaching abstinence, contraception and sexual health. Completely updated and revised: 29 ready to use lessons. Contraceptives options chart. Over 50 handouts and interactive worksheets. Help Students: Assess whether they are at risk for an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection, build decision-making and communication skills, develop the ability to work with a partner to assume responsibility for contraception, safer sex or abstinence. Useful for middle schools, high schools, colleges, youth-serving agencies and church groups. (1 each)
Educating About Abortion
Nine student-centered lessons. Abortion: Teaching All Sides Without Taking Sides. Abortion: A Basic Lesson. Changing Times: The History of Abortion in the United States. Pregnancy: A Time Line. Preventing Abortion by Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy.
Unequal Partners, 3rd Edition
Teaching about power and consent in adult-teen and other relationships.
Streetwise to Sex-wise
Sexuality education for high risk youth. Two series of lessons provide everything a professional needs to begin a sexuality education program with high risk youth.
Positive Encounters: The Guidebook
Talking one-to-one with teens about contraceptive and safer sex decisions. Helps professionals support a young person in making healthy decisions
Sex Ed 101
"Highly recommended for all sex educators! A treasure chest of engaging activities for adolescents!"
What You Should Know About HIV/AIDS
Colorful folding display explains how AIDS affects the immune system and other parts of the body. Also covers transmission, treatments, and how to reduce the risk of infection. Constructed from high quality bookbinding materials for durability. Folds flat for easy carrying. Opens to 58” x 22½" opened”. (1 Each)
What You Should Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Colorful folding display with eye-catching text and graphics, illustrates the dangers of unsafe sexual practices and the potential aftermath of unsafe sexual practices. Explains the symptoms of various STD's and what happens if they are left untreated, including consequences for babies born to infected mothers. Made of durable bookbinding materials. Opens to 58" x 22 ½" opened. (1 Each)
Contraceptive Awareness Guide
Attention grabbing framed chart shows wide range of contraceptive options. Describes how they work, the advantages, disadvantages and reliability of each method. Chart has easel for tabletop display or can be wall mounted. 36" x 24".
We've got you Covered' Educator Kit
Safer Sex Educators Kit. Deluxe expandable nylon portfolio case complete with supplies for demonstration. This educators kit includes female condom information guide, one wood condom demonstrator, and one latex condom demonstrator, a "got lube" T-shirt, pamphlets, plus a sampling of condoms, lubricants, dental dams, oral barriers, finger cots and Safer Sex cards. (1 Each)
Contraceptive Demonstration Educator Kit is perfect for Contraception Education. Kit includes wide variety of contraceptive options and educational tools.
Don't Get Caught Slippin' In Yo Pimpin' When It Comes to HIV
A colorful trifold pamphlet targeting the 18-34 year old hip hop culture. Covers what are risky behaviors and the right way to use a condom and the correct way to use needles safely. The best ways to protect yourself from getting infected with HIV.
Don't Get Caught Slippin' In Yo Pimpin' When It Comes to STDs
A colorful trifold pamphlet targeting the 18-34 year old hip hop culture. Complete with knowledgeable information on how to prevent STD infections. How to use female and male condoms. What the common symptoms of STD’s are.
Ain’t No Shame Ladies Do Yo Thang - Spanish language
Spanish language only - A colorful trifold pamphlet targeting the 18-34 year old hip hop culture. Geared towards female intervention. How women become infected with HIV. The difference between HIV in ladies and fellas. Most importantly what precautions that you can take to avoid getting HIV or STD's.
Let Me Holla @ Cha About STD's
A colorful trifold pamphlet targeting the 18-34 year old hip hop culture. Informs you of the symptoms of common STD’s and treatment. Helps clear up misinformation and points you in the right direction.
Positive. That’s How I’m Livin’
A colorful trifold pamphlet targeting the 18-34 year old hip hop culture. Assists HIV positive people with support and legal issues that they should consider. Don’t let fear keep you from doing all you can do.
A Teen’s Guide to HIV & AIDS
As the fastest growing group of people becoming infected with HIV, teens urgently need prevention information. This colorful trifold pamphlet covers abstinence, condoms, needle use (including tattoos and piercing) and more.
The Condom Quiz
A trifold pamphlet about condoms and safer sex. Be smart about sex. Take the Condom Quiz. An interactive way to communicate and discuss sex and condoms. This tool serves as a guide to birth control and the correct way to protect your self from sexually transmitted diseases.
50 Things You Need to Know About HIV & Safer Sex
A colorful trifold pamphlet provides information about HIV and safer sex. Counters myths and increases knowledge about HIV infection and safer sex.
50 Things You Need To Know About STD's
A colorful 3 page pamphlet to clear up misinformation about STDs. Covers how STD’s are passed, the symptoms and treatment. A customer favorite! Provides information on Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea, HPV and HIV/AIDS.
Young & Gay Protect Yourself From HIV
A trifold pamphlet that gives a new generation of gay men HIV basics, clear risk reduction information and support for staying safe.
Lesbians & HIV: Are You at Risk?
A trifold pamphlet that helps women understand that it’s what you do, not who you are that puts you at risk. Includes information about donor insemination.
HIV, Alcohol, & other Drugs
Convince your clients or students that alcohol and drug use could put them at serious risk for HIV.
Saying No If You've Had Sex Before
Reassures young people that even if they've had sex before, it's okay to say no.
50 Things You Should Know About Abstinence
A trifold pamphlet with things you should know about abstinence and why it’s okay to say no.
Hepatitis B & C
A colorful trifold pamphlet that provides basic prevention steps for the two most dangerous types of Hepatitis. Includes information on Hepatitis A too.
Tattoos & Body Piercing: Protecting Yourself From Hepatitis & HIV
A colorful trifold pamphlet that helps teens and young adults lower their risk with these tips. Issues to consider when getting tattooed or pierced. Includes suggestions for locating a safe studio, questions to ask and more.
Alcohol & Pregnancy
Explains Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other complications in simple terms.
Drug Use & Pregnancy Ten Things You Should Know
Covers medications, alcohol, tobacco and street drugs.
HIV & Pregnancy (Spanish Only)
Encourages a woman to get tested for health and baby's health.
A Teen's Guide to Abstinence
An excellent overview of abstinence, including: Why it's a good idea and how to handle pressure and more.
Ten Good Ways to Protect Yourself from HIV & AIDS
A colorful trifold easy to read pamphlet that outlines the steps to take to prevent becoming infected with HIV. Ideal for teens and young adults.
50 Things You Should Know About Condoms
A colorful trifold pamphlet geared towards sexually active people. Discusses the correct way to use condoms, the differences between lubrications, and how condoms protect from sexually transmitted diseases.
Abstinence & Oral Sex
This pamphlet counters the view that oral sex isn't "real sex," and gives young people strong reasons for abstaining from sexual activity.
I'm Choosing Abstinence Because...
Candid reasons for waiting from a group of teens who answer the question: "Why would you choose abstinence?"
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