MaxiCooker 5 STERILE, Large Grey Cookers 5.0 cc w/ Separate Handle and Cotton Flter (individual wrapping) <br>(1000/carton)
Apothicom Maxicooker STERILE, Large 5ml Cooker + Handle + Cotton Filter

MaxiCooker 5 STERILE, Large Grey Cookers 5.0 cc w/ Separate Handle and Cotton Flter (individual wrapping)

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Maxicooker® STERILE is a sterile single use kit including a 5 ml preparation cooker and a cotton filter in an individual sterile package.

This range was designed to make the distribution of sterile tools, essential to harm reduction, as accessible and affordable as possible.

  • Promotes personal and single use of preparation tools, in order to reduce the risk of viral transmission associated with its sharing.

  • Reduce the infection risks associated with the use of non-sterile tools.

  • Encourage the adoption of an aseptic preparation method.
  • Make access to tools dedicated to harm reduction possible and affordable by controlling costs.


Each individual package of the Maxicooker® STERILE kit includes:

  • A preparation cooker:

    • Volume: 5 ml*
    • Purpose: Preparation of the mix, possibly heating
    • Material: Aluminium alloy proven to be harmless
    • Characteristics: Flat inside surface providing great stability, low thickness enabling a fast heating.
    • Colour: Grey
  • A plastic handle to place on the cooker:

    • Purpose: Protects fingers from the heat and stabilizes the cooker
    • Color: blue
  • A cotton filter:

    • Purpose: Removes harmful insoluble particles more efficiently than "makeshift” filters such as cigarette filters.
    • Characteristics: High-density filter. Size limiting product loss.
  • Sterilization method: Ethylene Oxide

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