We are sorry to report Strapped Condoms are not available until further notice.  At this time it is unknown when bulk cases may become available again from the manufacturer.

Strapped Condoms

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Strapped BAGGY-HEAD lubricated condoms
Strapped BAGGY-HEAD Lubricated Latex Condoms add stimulation and comfort with the extra headroom pouch.
Strapped Large Gold Fit lubricated condoms
Strapped Large Gold Fit Lubricated Latex Condoms provide comfort and extra room.
Strapped X-Large Platinum Fit lubricated condoms
Strapped X-Large Platinum Fit Lubricated Latex Condoms is the largest Strapped condom to provide comfort and extra room.
Strapped Ultrathin Blue Magic lubricated condoms
Strapped Ultrathin Blue Magic Lubricated Latex Condoms are ultra sensitive as if nothing is between you and your partner.

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